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King Soopers Cards

Help Support Scouting Every Time You Shop! 

If you're shopping at King Soopers anyway, here's an easy way to support our troop - at no cost to you!  This "rechargeable card" program is simple:  Our troop gets 5% of whatever you spend through the card. For example, add $100 to the card and the Scouts get $5!

We use these funds to operate our troop or to buy equipment or supplies for the troop. If you designate a scout, the funds will go to them directly.

  1. Buy a King Soopers Gift Card for $10 from your friendly Troop 271 Boy Scout. You'll get $10 worth of groceries or gas. 
  2. When you shop for groceries or gas, use the card to buy instead of your credit card or cash. 
  3. BEFORE buying anything more, ask the cashier to help you add more money to your Troop 271 King Soopers card. For every $100 you add to the card, the Scouts get $5 – at no cost to you!
  4. Then, next time you shop or gas up, swipe the King Soopers card to buy. Keep the card, add more when the balance gets low and the Scouts are helped again! 

What CAN I buy?  - Groceries, gas, meat, fruit, vegetables, just about any product 
in the store or at the gas station.

What CAN’T I buy? - Services, such as: lottery tickets, postage stamps, Western 
Union, money orders, Tickets West (concerts, sporting events), other gift cards.

Where else can I use this card? –In Colorado or other states in the US, go to City Market, 
Kroger, Loaf & Jug, Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, Fry’s, Dillons, QFC, Food 4 Less, Owen’s, 
FoodsCo, Hilander, or Pay-Less stores.

Boy Scout Troop 271 Thanks You!


For each card you want, please complete the form below. We will deliver your card or get it into the mail right away. For any questions, please call Roy Sargent at 303-460-7022.